Chris R. Norfolk, MA

****Chris R. Norfolk, MA  2/19/2011

I was looking to upgrade my 5’6″ CC Harvey baby grand piano and so I stopped into Piano Mill in Hanover, MA. I lived in the area for 20 years and long-since known of their shop on Rte. 53. It’s a small, neat showroom with various types of new and used pianos – of all ranges in quality and price. I had “test driven” several models over the course of about 6-8 months. Each time coming in and looking around for about 30-60 minutes. Never did I get the impression that I was annoying them. Each time they’d make themselves available to me in the event I had any questions; each time they were friendly, knowledgable and willing to let me look over any piano I wished – and they were also willing to play each for me as well.

Of course we all dream of owning a Steinway. Although, most of us realize that this is more of a dream than a practical purchase. However, during one of my visits the economy was going south and Rob (manager) took the time to discuss what I was looking for and made me an offer on a 1923 Model O grand that I couldn’t refuse. His price included both restoration (complete tear down, refinishing of the plate and restringing as well as a ebonized case over the original walnut) AND installation of a QRS player system.

(Steinways of the 20’s are the absolute best of any years they’ve produced. A rebuilt / restored Steinway of this vintage -without the payer system- could easily command the 50k price range.)

We negotiated on a price which – as I mentioned – included a complete tear down, bronzing of the plate, restringing, refinishing / ebonizing of the case, installation of the QRW player system as well. He also offered me a 600 credit on my old piano (which was fair for that piano) which I could use to cover the cost of shipping. (In my case I sold it outright and just paid the shipping price). I also was invited to tour his workshop in Hanson. I was personally introduced to each of the craftsmen who would be working on my piano. I also made periodic visits to photograph the process (which took a few months) prior to delivery. Once it was done and ready to be shipped, I came to the workshop for my first official test drive of my new piano. It was fantastic!

I never dreamed I would be able to own a Steinway – much less a grand like this. While I didn’t initially intend to spend what I did, I was able to buy an investment quality heirloom for LESS than 1/2 of the recently appraised price (and they even included a free tuning)!

I’ve visited several piano stores in the past few years, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the Piano Mill to anyone looking (or just dreaming) of owning a piano of any price range.


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