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Piano Mill offers in home tuning, repair, and piano servicing.

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To provide you with the most accurate quote for your piano moving or removal needs, we kindly ask you to provide the following information:

  1. Piano Size and Type:
    • Is it a grand piano, upright piano, or another type?
    • Please provide the dimensions and approximate weight if possible.
  2. Moving Details:
    • Are there any stairs involved at the pickup or delivery locations? If yes, how many flights?
    • Are there any narrow hallways, sharp turns, or other obstacles we should be aware of?
  3. Location Information:
    • What is the current location of the piano (town/city and address)?
    • Where is the piano being moved to (town/city and address)?
  4. Additional Services:
    • Do you require temporary storage for your piano?
    • Are there any specific requirements or concerns you would like us to address?

Please fill out this information and contact us through our website or call us directly. Our friendly team is ready to assist you and ensure your piano is moved with the utmost care and precision.   781-982-8880


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