Player Systems


PIANO MILL offers the sale and installation of QRS and PianoDisc player systems in any piano desired.  Through a wi-fi activated interface, your piano can play music from an internal library of thousands of songs… all controlled by your own computer or IPAD device. You can also add on a recording feature whereas the player will replay what you have played into the system for automatic playback so you can customize your own music.

ALREADY OWN A PIANO? We can install a player system in most every piano, upright or baby grand. So give your piano new life and have it be the center of your home’s entertainment once again!~

The keys will move on your piano as if being played by some of the best musicians in the world.  You can sing along or even have orchestral accompaniment. You never have to worry about someone being able to play at a professional level again to have your piano be the center of entertainment in your home.


INSTALLATION: Player systems can be installed in both baby grands and upright models and can come factory installed as an option for our Story & Clark brand pianos. We can also install a system in any existing piano.   Also, we can de-install any player system on a piano.

There are other great features like, In Sync which, demonstrated in this video, show how the piano can by synced with your TV or Video Monitor to have a full entertainment experience.

Come in for a demonstration of what a player system in your piano can do to increase its value and enjoyment.  Or click here for a list of pianos we have in stock that have player systems on them>